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Seminar on Importance of Digital Design and IPR protection on 29-12-2018

Seminar Automata Language Computations (ALC) and Research Opportunities on 26-12-2018

Seminar on Research Techniques in Data Base Management System on 21-09-2018

Seminar on Basics Research Ideas on Data Structures on 29-08-2018

Seminar on the Research Techniques in Computer  Programming (CP) on 06-04-2018

Seminar on Awareness on IPR on 16-07-2018

Seminar on Research Awareness & Basics of Technology on 12-07-2018


Seminar on Role & Importance of Pre incubators, Incubators & Accelerators in Entrepreneurship on 16-05-2020

Seminar on Research Innovations in Electronics and IoT on 22-04-2020

Seminar on Emerging Research Areas of Robotic Process Automation on 10-04-2020

Two Days National Level Hackathon -Research & Innovation from 13-03-2020 to 14-03-2020

Hackathon on Research & Innovation  on 09-09-2019


One Week Faculty Development Programme on Recent Innovations in Industrial Automation from 12-07-2021 to 16-07-2021

One Week FDP on Exploring Entrepreneurship and startup opportunities from 05-07-2021 to 09-07-2021

5 days Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on Impact of COVID on Higher Education and Research Initiatives from 24-05-2021 to 28-05-2021

Seminar on Ethical Hacking skills and its research challenges on 12-05-2021

Seminar on Cyber Security Research Trends on 11-05-2021

Seminar on Agile Process in Research Projects on 10-5-2021

Seminar on Benefits Of Microservices Architecture for Entrepreneurship on 28-04-2021

Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and its Research Skills on 13-03-2021

Seminar on Enhancing the Entrepreneurial skill on Web Development using .Net Platform   on 13-02-2021

Seminar on Role of Engineering Mathematics in Research on 16-12-2020

Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights in Internet of Things (IoT) on 12-08-2020

Online Webinar on Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship on 04-08-2020

Seminar on Emotional Intelligence in Entrepreneurship on 23-07-2020

Online Webinar on Entrepreneurial Mindset- Positivity to Productivity on 18-07-2020


NEXUS-2022 A Research Activity on 18-06-2022

IPR Awareness Program under the Flagship of KAPILA on 14-07-2022

Research Sensitization Programme on Indian Standards on 16-06-2022

Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)-Patents and Design Filing on 16-06-2022

Workshop on Familiarization of Embedded Systems in Research with Open-Source Tools on 12-05-2022

Inauguration of Technical club- Embedded Club, Data Science Club, Smart Grid Club, Auto-Tech Club and Bio-Implant Club on 22-04-2022

Seminar on Entrepreneurial Career pathways in Process Mining and Future Prospects on 27-01-2022

Seminar on Awareness of Research Issues on Robotic Process Automation on 11-01-2022

Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and its role in Research & Innovation on 07-01-2022

Seminar on Awareness on Futuristic Research of Biomedical Engineering on 18-12-2021

Seminar on World Habitat Day-Accelerating urban action for a Carbon-free world-A Research Perspective on 27-11-2021

Seminar on Data Structures and Algorithms in Research on 24-11-2021

Seminar on Awareness on Enhancing Employability & Entrepreneurial skills through AICTE- Eduskills Virtual Internship Program on 01-12-2021

Seminar on A Big Leap in Intellectual Property Rights with Digital Innovation on 15-09-2021


One day Workshop on Product Development by the Aspiring Entrepreneur on 10-06-2023

AIC-PECF’S 3 Days Student Entrepreneurs Development Program Bootcamp (SIMPLIFi) under the flagship program Puduvai Startup Sprint from 16-05-2023 to 18-05-2023

One Day Workshop on Understanding Entrepreneurial Skills using Case Study Analysis on 06-05-2023

Seminar on Insurance for the Growth of an Entrepreneur on 29-04-2023

Seminar on Own the Entrepreneur Leadership Inside You on 13-04-2023

Ideathon-Product Development and Innovation by Entrepreneurs on 08-04-2023

Endowment Orientation Session on Pudhuvai Startup Sprint -An Entrepreneurial Initiative on 21-03-2023

Seminar on Out of Box Thinking- a Research Perspective on 30-01-2023

Endowment Seminar on Entrepreneurial Values and Culture on 28-01-2023

Endowment Seminar on Emerging Research Trends in IT on 21-01-2023

Endowment Seminar on Entrepreneurial Development on 10-01-2023

Endowment Seminar on Managerial Expectations by Corporate Entrepreneur on 07-01-2023

Seminar on Etiquette in Entrepreneurship on 05-12-2022

Research Workshop on Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Medical Instruments on 02-12-2022

Workshop on Drone Technology and its futuristic research on 14-11-2022

Seminar on Research and Career Opportunities with Juniper Network on 01-08-2022


Innovation & Industry 4.0 on 28-09-2023

Student participation in Robotics & IoT Workshop on 10-10-2023&11-10-2023

Session – Robotics & IoT Workshop on 10-10-2023&11-10-2023

Demo session of Robotics & IoT Workshop on 10-10-2023&11-10-2023

Brain storming session on Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship on 19-03-2024

Financial Literacy Programme on 21-11-2023

Innovate 2023 on 14-09-2023

Puduvai Startup sprint 2023-Visit to ATAL Incubation Center-PEC on 05-09-2023

Project Pitching- Puduvai Startup sprint 2023-at ATAL Incubation Center-PEC on 05-09-2023