Principal Message

Dear Students, I am delighted to welcome everyone to the vibrant Institution of learning. The main aim of every Educational Institution would be to convert the mind into a living fountain and not a reservoir. Education in the widest sense includes everything that exerts formative influence and causes a young person to be what he is at a given point. Educational Institutions should not be simply information supermarkets; instead they should shape and mould human beings. Education is not to be confined within the walls of a Classroom. Education is to provide a facility to enable a person to transcend limitations of human perception. In every field of human efforts, the names of the people who imagined the impossibilities are engraved in the history. Thus, we not only focus on quality, value and employability skills we also work towards the objective of providing facilities to the Students to transcend limitations of human perception. The magnificent infrastructure of our Institution sets the right ambience for an excellent teaching, learning environment combined with the use of the finest Technology. These technologies have been tremendously successful in facilitating a highly effective learning environment. SVCET has always been in the forefront, and has provided Industry related training at the laboratories established in collaboration with some of the leading Industries, thus enabling Students to secure relevant placements and jobs. It is a well acknowledged and established fact that the Sri Venkateshwaraa College of Engineering and Technology, practice and promote, holistic Education which is a remarkably rich blend of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular learning and activities, thus making us an excellent Institution of higher learning!