Green Campus

Eco campus is a concept implemented in many educational institutions, all over the world to make them sustainable because of their mass resource utilization and waste discharge in to the environment. Waste minimization plans for the educational institute are now mandatory to maintain the cleanliness of the campus. To find out the environmental performance of the educational institutions and to analyze the possible solutions for converting the educational campus as eco campus the conduction of Green Auditing of institution is essential. The green auditing of Sri Venkateshwaraa College of Engineering and Technology, Ariyur, Puducherry, enables to assess the life style, action and its impact on the environment. This is the first attempt to conduct green auditing of this college campus. This audit was mainly focused on greening indicators like consumption of energy in terms of electricity and fossil fuel, quality of soil and water, vegetation, waste management practices and carbon foot print of the campus etc. Initially a questionnaire survey was conducted to know about the existing resources of the campus and resource consumption pattern of the students and staffs in the college. In order to assess the quality of water and soil, water and soil samples were collected from different locations of the college campus and analysed for its parameters. Collected data was grouped, tabulated and analyzed. Finally a report pertaining environmental management plan with strength, weakness and suggestion on the environmental issue of campus are documented.